how to play pubg after ban in india full tricks no click bet number-1 trick

How to play pubg after ban in India

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The pubg has been sold by the Government of India. As everyone knows, pubg is a Chinese app. The official statement of pubg has also come that after 30th October the pub’s indian server will be gone. Today on 31 October the pubg is done. And the pubg is banned. So today we will find out in this post that, HOW TO PLAY PUBG AFTER BAN IN INDIA .

How to play pubg after ban in india

How to play pubg after ban in india ?

If you can play pub even after pub is sold in India, then today we are going to tell. A simple trick through which you can play pubg.

How to play pubg after ban in India

You need to use vpn to run pubg. But from the people, the vpn does not even open. So what to do if the pubg runs.

Step-1 :- downlod a good vpn

In step 1 you have to downlod a vpn. So which vpn to downlod?

Downlod vpn for run pubg play

this is the ultra-fast VPN application with unlimited free VPN proxy service. Downlod this vpn .

If you don’t want download this VPN . ok if have a good vpn.

Step 2 :- start vpn and open pubg game

Connect VPN

Check again whether your vpn is not correct or not. Slide the notification bar down. Look at the 2 notifications.

Stap 3 :- open pubg mobail or pubg lite

Open the pubg and you have to do the same as I have done. If you miss the stap then the pubg will not run.

vpn that enters and opens the game. As soon as the game is open, as soon as the game starts running in it,

remove the vpn and close it. You have to do all this in starting only when you run the game.

Once your game runs, it will run throughout the day and there will be no problem. The same step that you have to do once daily, only then this app will run.

Step 4 :- watch this full video and play pubg mobail:-

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Note:- pubg is a Chinese app ,if you live in india don’t use pubg game .If Korean company make pubg without China , then you play pubg .

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